Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service Provider in Europe

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Increase Deliverable Output & Reduced Operating Costs Significantly

Streamline efficiencies

Your digital workforce is equipped to manage complex and straightforward manual tasks with ease and speed.

Reduce costs

Reduce costs by minimising processing time to complete repetitive tasks and freeing human employees for more valuable work.

Automate for accuracy & consistency

RPA software completes repetitive tasks with greater accuracy than possible with a human workforce, from filling in forms to managing payroll.

Make productivity your new charm with end-to-end RPA services.

1. RPA consulting
Identify automation opportunities
Level up your productivity by automating high volume tasks, time consuming & mundane work processes

Process Analysis
Feasibility Review
Strategy & Tool Roadmap
FTE & Process Optimization

3. Support & maintenance
Refine your automation
Best-in-class consultants to manage enterprise-wide RPA efforts using our center-of-excellence framework.

MIS & Monitoring
Upgrades & Migration
Business Continuity Plans (BCP)
Disaster Recovery Solutions

5. Conversational chatbots
Grow your revenue pipeline
Get a chatbot that can speak multiple languages and perform brilliant conversations any time, anywhere

Chatbot Process Automation
Chatbot Monitoring & Enhancement

2. RPA implementation
Embrace a digital workflow
End-to-end delivery, implementation and support for smarter operations using flexible support services from our RPA specialists

Bot Design & Development
Automation Script Development
Bot Deployment & Integration
Workflow Governance

4. Custom development
Automate processes on-the-go
Build low code apps with pre-configured templates, rules, and schedules. Drag and drop functionalities to automate any tasks within your CRM, HRMS, and payroll systems

Bespoke RPA Solutions
Cognitive Automation With AI/ML
Continuous Validation & Planning
Risk Mitigation Strategies

Some Numbers

1 %
Accuracy in business decisions
1 %
Improvement in time-to-insights
1 %
Increase in AI & cloud adoption
1 %
Increase in data-driven culture

Automate Complex Tasks Seamlessly With RPA Bots


Data Entry Bots

With structured RPA implementation, transfer all the information into single ECM systems and retrieve data within seconds. Using pre-established business rules, cleaning and transforming data made possible


Validation & Verification Bots

Cut down your investigation time from 15 mins to 80 secs by a robust authentication process and full audit trail for each investigation. Our RPA Bots make real-time calls for data verification


System Integration Bots

Scheduled Bots give upcoming alerts to employees quarterly or half-yearly as per the schedule. CONTUS being one of the top rpa service providers, facilitates complex logistics & supply chain process.


Schedule / Trigger Bots

Create a patch between the systems that build an automated workflow providing a perfect interface with no coding. CONTUS is the leading RPA service provider which interface software robots into any business model effortlessly.

FAQs About Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service in Europe

It’s software that works within your existing systems, technology and applications to automate business processes, improving business efficiency. RPA bots execute repetitive tasks that range from simple form filling through to managing payroll and complex financial services. Benefits of RPA implementation include streamlined business processes, greater accuracy and improved customer service. Additionally, RPA automation frees existing staff to pursue higher-value activities for your business.

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are different, they are inter-linked, and many organisations benefit from both. Software robots automates manual, repetitive business processes by performing the same way every time. This allows staff to be re-deployed to more complex tasks. AI simulates human intelligence processes, and unlike RPA technology, can acquire, learn and adapt using information and contextual rules. By making decisions and automating end-to-end solutions, AI can replace human labour. Where appropriate, we combine an RPA tool with artificial intelligence to extend the capabilities of automation.

The potential for robotic process automation is significant and growing by the day. Business units across all industry groups can use RPA bots to complete manual tasks ranging from opening emails and applications and completing simple form filling tasks to managing payroll and complex financial transactions. However, the potential doesn’t stop there. We enhanced quote generation for Orca Tech using RPA, and reduced supply chain stress for SouthTrade International. Our automation experts can configure and implement a scalable solution to manage the repetitive tasks of your growing business.

Scalable RPA solutions have become more widespread across industries that range from manufacturing to financial services and government. RPA bots can handle day-to-day tasks regardless of business function, including accounting and invoicing, data entry tasks and payroll management. A digital workforce can mimic the everyday actions of an employee as they complete their daily tasks. For example, managing stock levels in a warehouse, logging in and out of applications, copying and pasting data, opening emails and applications, completing forms, and preparing responses to customer enquiries.

Traditional automation only executes the pre-defined instructions, limiting the scope of tasks that can be automated. RPA takes us further, offering complete simple and complex tasks from beginning to end with great speed and accuracy with limited human workforce involvement. By using rules-based software, RPA bots can mimic human experts’ reasoning to manage knowledge-intensive problems. RPA combines artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to provide a scalable digital workforce with the experience and knowledge to handle high-volume, repetitive tasks and solve business problems that previously only humans could have performed.